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I love lazy days where I can just lay around wearing a sports bra, SpongeBob pajama bottoms and bright fuzzy tube socks

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The Onceler? huh? huh? 

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dude, is beast-Crud gonna fuck Steam??  shit, quit giving me ideas for smut!!

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Hey StrappleBerry,

I remember when we were the first few Once-luts, it was like I could count how many of us there were on my fingers. Who knew the little Once-ler fandom from that time ago would turn into something as big as this!

I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done. You contributed a lot not only to the once-ler fandom, but to the Seuss fandom as well. I’m really happy for you and I wish you the best of luck :)

We love you boo~

did I miss something?  did Swag and Strapple get married??

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the next few things I write will be much MUCH cleaner

I have a few ramblings I want to write, and it seems like a good time to write about animation.

I want to write a fanfic or two about Junior and Smog at school.  No smut, just friendly relatives thing, so there may be fluff.

Also, I found this thirty days character meme thing.  And, I want to try something with it.  Not only will I do the challenge for Pimp Junior on his blog, but on this blog I will be doing it for my character Bluesy Smith.  Not only to introduce the characters to you all, but… dammit, I want to write original stuff for my characters!  Why can’t writing original shit be as easy as writing fan shit?

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When Steampunk is away, Crudler and the bots will play.

Rated M

Okay, I GOTTA start this off with an explanation, disclaimer, apology, whatever, look, let’s start from the beginning…  Remember those fanfics and fanarts back in the heyday of steamcest?  You know, those ones that have Steampunk so lonely and/or horny that he actually adds on a vibrating dildo attachment onto Greedlerbot?  I love those!  Who doesn’t?  But it always got me thinking:  what would Crudler think?  I mean, he could be jealous of Greedlerbot for giving Steam some sweet loving before he came along.  On the other hand, Crudler is an experienced ex-prostitute.  So, deep down… wouldn’t you think he’d be curious?  So, yeah, that’s where all this random assortment of words you’re about to read comes from:  Crudler being so jealous and/or curious of Greedlerbot that he just has to try him out for himself.  It may be out of character, it may not be the best written fanfic I’ve thrown out of nowhere but… it’s just smut for the sake of smut and fluff.  (Also, I’m the person who tried to make Greedlerbot and Wantsler a thing, so does this really surprise you?)  So let’s get this over with, here’s Experimenting.


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the first three words you see are what you want in life



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So, I wrote something.

I was excited to write this one, but after I did, I don’t know if I should post it.

I can’t tell if it’s out of character or not, I can’t tell if it’s good or not, I can’t tell if…

Okay, it’s a smut fic of Crudler trying out Greedlerbot.

If I get enough likes by tomorrow morning, I will just post the damn thing.

I will definitely post it if I get a sburbox like.

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so Steven is Spit Jesus??

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Onceler dreaming

So I had a dream last night that I was at the grocery store and found on sale a book about the Onceler. Not a Seuss book, but a novel, like Wicked. Well, kinda like Wicked. The book told of his life shortly after destroying the trees, but long before he became an old hermit. I didn’t get any more of the plot than that. But here’s an interesting part: the book was written by an ex-Onceler ask blog. Pretty crazy, no?

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I just got off a night of rifftrax just to say:

Rifftrax, riff the 2012 movie The Lorax.

show that Onceler no mercy


seriously, need help? I got a few scenes already myself

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Gent said that Shoguru said that he and Pimp would be Latios and Latias. I’m guessing Gent the tias and Pimp the tios?

Junior: Yay! My parents are legendaries! I must be some special Riolu! Wait, am I adopted?

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Or pimp as a Honchcrow
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Nice call, I can see that

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Gent could also be a Togekiss. Just a fluffy white bird thing
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Could be, could be

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Who? Insomnia or Little? Granted I started off on the wrong foot with Som, but Little is a little meanie. And I will be a gentleman with you, no matter how tempting your blog's call of "I'll tuck you in~" is. *chuckles*
ask-pimp-junior asked




I’m… pretty sure I specified that you were messin’ with the lil’ guy, and…


I dunno, I’d say maybe there’s a SLIGHT height difference. But hey, opinions, opinions.